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The amazing 1,474-megapixel Inauguration photo

As a panorama, it’s nice, but the gigapixel quality lets you scope out every politico, celebrity and citizen from that day.
By David Brauer

I am easily distracted by shiny objects, and got completely lost this morning in the amazing Barack Obama inauguration image, above.

Doesn’t look that amazing? Click on the photo; while the panorama is cool on its own, the 1,474-megapixel (1.5 gigapixel?) quality allows you to zoom in endlessly — right down to Bush’s sour expression, Cheney’s wheelchair, the gaggle of front-row Supreme Court justices and pretty much any other detail you want to see.

Photographer David Bergman’s “how I did it” tale is here. I think broadband is helpful for this one, but not sure if it’s mandatory.