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Clark Kent, updated

With the lack of mirth in the print journalism business these days, we need a chuckle. I got one from David Willis' excellent "Shortpacked!" Reprinted with permission:

[Hat tip: JS. And yes, I know it's a hoary blogger stereotype, and there's lots of quality reporting and analysis out there; lighten up so we print romantics can enjoy a rueful laugh.]

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Comments (8)

The last panel raises a hair-raising comicbook question: "How does Superman shave?"

Now he can tweet from the middle of his crime-fighting heroics.

SUPERDUDE @EVILLUTH is that how warpd brain lke yrs gets its kicks .. plann'g death of innocent people?

Clark may be gone, but the Twin Cities Daily Planet lives on!

Please excuse the name-dropping (or not), but I got the annual Christmas card from Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane in most episodes of the 1950s "Adventures of Superman" TV series. This year it contained Lois's business card as a reporter for the Metropolis Planet. Noel's father was Dave Neill, news editor of the Minneapolis Star in the 1930s and '40s. She's 88 now, and it's good to know that her alter ego is still a working journalist. The card lists the Planet's website as, and sure enough, there's an online paper there as well as evidence of a print product -- apparently not daily -- serving the Metropolis, Ill., area. And sure enough, Clark Kent is not on the staff roster. (Actually, Lois isn't either; Noel must have an honorary job there. She's a regular at the city's annual "Superman" festival.)

Robert, I suspect he uses a tricked-out razor that uses blades coated with a miniscule amount of Kryptonite...hehe

Since we're kicking him while he's down, I drove past an actual phone booth the other day and realized that soon Clark will have a hard time finding a private place to transform into Superman. Is Lex somehow behind all this new technology?

My first thought was, "Is that the Bat-signal on his pants?"

John Byrne established in "The Man of Steel" That, to shave, Superman had to use his heat vision reflected back onto his chin from a highly polished metal 'mirror' scavenged from the space ship he came to earth in.

If anyone has come up with another explanation since them, I'm unaware of it!

(I so rarely get the opportunity to geek out like this :)