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Dogs and cats living together

PiPress drivers to deliver Strib in east metro; St. Paul publisher teases westward (suburban) expansion on Strib trucks.
By David Brauer

Well, a day after I dance on the grave of a Joint Operating Agreement comes news the Star Tribune will pay the Pioneer Press to deliver the Minneapolis paper in the east metro area.

The Strib probably saves money, the PiPress gets some, and only independent drivers get hurt.

Frankly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. Maybe one small reason among hundreds of millions why the Avista gang is in trouble.

There may be an opportunity for additional partnerships of the same sort,” PiPress publisher Guy Gilmore tells his paper’s Nicole Garrison-Sprenger, adding that his paper maybe possibly could expand its suburban delivery area on the backs of the Strib.

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Who’s sounding like the top dog now? Especially after the Strib announced a couple of weeks ago it would stop publishing a weekly east-metro section?

Will try to find out more when everyone’s open for business Tuesday.

[Update: MPR’s Bob Collins, a carrier in the not-so-recent past, offers a ground-level perspective here.]