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Steve Perry *also* joins Politics in Minnesota

The ex-City Pages and Minnesota Independent editor will cover local politics for Sarah Janecek’s shop.
By David Brauer

So apparently, Steve Perry has been subdivided; last week, MinnPost announced it got the national politico-economic part; today, Politics in Minnesota publisher Sarah Janecek boasted about getting “exclusivity on his astute thinking and writing when it comes to Minnesota politics.”

It’s great news on several fronts. Perry is a polemicist of the best sort, equally at home excoriating ideological Republicans and hypocritical Democrats. (Indeed, his willingness to do the latter is a big reason he separated from his last bosses at the harm-no-progressive Minnesota Independent.) With an ideological governor, a so-far-cautious DFL legislature and a gaping budget deficit, Perry’s insights have never been more timely.

In the ten months since Dolan Media purchased PIM, the site’s profile hasn’t risen as fast as hoped. But adding Perry makes a splash of the best sort; it’s great that Jim Dolan’s money will keep one of the Twin Cities’ top journalists cranking on local news.

Not to be underestimated is the entertainment factor. PIM publisher Sarah Janecek’s last pairing with a true lefty — her KTLK radio show with Brian Lambert — ended in Aykroyd-Curtin bickering that was epic and horrifying to watch. Like matter and antimatter, this latest strong-willed combo could end up annihilating the universe, but would be a clickfest before the world explodes.

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I think the hits will come without the trainwreck.

In a world where people fret about ideologues only talking to each other, PIM readers will find two plugged-in observers whose hymnals couldn’t be more different. I don’t know if their arrangement will work this way, but each could be an excellent foil for the other. Janecek will find her arguments improved if she exposes them to the razor-sharp ex-editor; Perry’s sourcing could get an assist given Janecek’s connections.

PIM is still a few hires away from critical mass, but here’s hoping for more.