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Will WCCO radio empire be down two Jacks?

Not the WCCO radio host, but perhaps 104.1 FM’s music format. A 5 p.m. announcement should clear things up.
By David Brauer

Still awaiting official comment on WCCO-AM host Jack Rice’s departure, but a listener informs me that AM830’s sibling station, 104.1 FM has been running promos saying “JACK comes to an end” Monday afternoon.

Since I doubt an FM music station promotes an AM host’s exit, the ads likely refer to dumping the “JACK” format, a.k.a. the deeper adult-contemporary playlist marketed as “playing what we want.”

There’s a good history of the format here, its DJ-less cost savings, and checkered ratings history.

Program director John Lassman won’t spoil the surprise by explaining anything, except to say a 5 p.m. announcement is coming today.

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Update: The citizen journalists at uncovered a new website registration for “104.1 The Bear,” registered by CBS. They seem to think it could be a country station — because there’s a crying need for that in the market — or perhaps a clever feint. Wouldn’t it be great if it was all-PETA radio?

Update II: It was a feint. Something about commercial-free 5 p.m. hours.