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A fix for's loathsome pagination

If you abhor the stupid way breaks every story into three or four web pages — some with little more than a final paragraph or reporter's contact information — I bring you a fix.

The very creative "doodledee" has published and explained his clever workaround here.

I tried it on the MacBook with Firefox 3 and it worked like a dream. You do have to click dd's bookmarklet for each story, but frankly, that's easier than finding the "next page" link three times or reading off the "print this story" page.

Yes, I know the Strib needs to sell ads to stay in business, and I'm not opposed to pagination if done with restraint, but they've pushed their luck at 425 Portland and this is the snap-back.

If there's a Nobel Prize for sanity, doodledee's on my short list.

[Hat tip: Ed, Aaron, Taylor]

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Comments (7)


Now, only if there was a fix for a partial RSS feeds that force me to click into a blog post to read the entire story.

This trick is going to quickly become a "most used" bookmark for me.

The Strib's pagination is only slightly more annoying that MN Post's architecture which requires two or three clicks of the 'back' button to return to the front page. Having now expanded comments, my first click will return me to the base story. The second to a 'google adaware' page that looks exactly like the raw story, and finally a click back to

Tim, I assume you are talking about Strib's partial RSS feed, but your lament applies to MinnPost's as well! Just wanted to comment that we are working to get our full RSS feeds rolling.


Or you could just click on the banner at the top of each page to go to the home page...

Necessity is the mother of invention. How is this easier than reading the printable version?

The star/tribune needs to work on training reporters at least address basic journalism questions, if not answer them outright, such as who, what, why, when and how. I am sick of having to wade through 4 or 5 paragraphs of morass to find out what the news story is going to be about. And I especially loathe it when their stories don't even bother explaining why a fundamental journalistic question cannot be answered, e.g., with something along the lines of "authorities have refused to identify..." instead of the less precise "unidentified."

Another thing, what's with the default comment view being "hide" on this site? And the commenter name not being a direct hyperlink, but instead being an indirect drop down?

Looks like you might want to start sharing some user interface ideas with minnpost.