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Please, tell me that’s a Star Tribune layout mistake on page A5!

Apparently, Target’s celebration of Dr. Suess comes between President Obama’s photo and a story on deficit reduction.
By David Brauer

My Sunday Strib’s page A5 is alarming, but not because of the journalism.

A bright red Target ad celebrating Dr. Suess runs across the middle of the page, neatly bisecting the photo and story on President Obama (who looks like he’s peering down on the Cat in the Hat!).

The Pioneer Press version
The Pioneer Press version

I can only hope it’s a layout mistake — one I’ve never seen before — and not the newest ultra-intrusive ad incursion. I’m seeking clarification. (Update: see below. Strib citizen blogger Andrew Eklund posts an image here and rips the paper on its own site here; good for him.)

Now, it’s true MinnPost, among others, puts ads in the middle of its web stories, a practice I pretty much hate. But boy, in newsprint, it looks a thousand times worse.

Article continues after advertisement

Update: It’s intentional: the same ad placement is in the Pioneer Press, too. [Hat tip: SK] St. Paul didn’t screw up its layout as bad, since it put different stories above and below Thing 1 and Thing 2. I know baby’s gotta eat, and maybe we’ll all get used to it. But maybe the papers are testing their already testy print readership too much.