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Britt Robson’s Timberwolves blog: not dead yet

Though Secrets of the City has stopped paying bloggers, the “On the Ball” author says he’s at least good through the rest of the season.
By David Brauer

Mpls.St.Paul’s Brian Lambert breaks the news that Secrets of the City‘s owners, Tom Bartel and Kris Henning, have “been forced to stop payments to bloggers, including people like veteran writer, Britt Robson, for his tireless Timberwolves/NBA coverage.”

Robson (confession: close pal) probably has more fans than the mangy mutts he covers, but aficionados should know things are not quite that dire.

“If I’m not getting paid, at least through the end of the month, that’s news to me,” says Robson with bemusement. “Tom and I talked yesterday, and he said the sooner it could end the better, but if need be, he’d pay me through the end of the season,” which is April 15.

As a well-deserved going-away present, Bartel offered to reserve (which currently defaults back to the current blog) and set it up for free.

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Of course, some web entrepreneur might want to hook up with the writer, whose coverage is unquestionably the deepest and best-written locally. (And, some say, nationally.) His columns each get between 1,000 and 2,000 hits, with a thriving social-network of commenters who respond to his insight and passion.

A truly smart cookie would figure out how to get him sportsblogging year-round — Robson’s Twins and Vikings insights are also worth seeking out.

The price? I get no commission, but it shouldn’t be outrageous, given Robson’s willingness to toil for SOTC’s high-two-figure per-column fee.