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Star Tribune, pressmen agree on cuts

No details, but management has been seeking $3.5 million in savings to stay out of liquidation.
By David Brauer

Sharon Schmickle and I will try to get you more details as they emerge, but the Star Tribune and its pressmen’s union struck a deal Friday morning, the paper reports. Management had sought $3.5 million in cuts to stay out of liquidation.

Neither side is releasing details; the pressmen’s union still has to inform its members. (Note to members: feel free to contact me at dbrauer [at] The pressman union’s leader, George Osgood, recommended cuts last year which his membership rejected; the rank-and-file may change their mind with a bankruptcy judge threatening to abrogate the labor deal entirely.

Strib management has repeatedly noted other unions have been more cooperative when discussing cuts. Those unions are now in the hot seat.

Update: Pressmen union lawyer Andrew Staab says membership will vote on the plan early next week.

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Update II: AP quotes Osgood saying the deal represented “an improvement” over the company’s previous offer.