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Stewart vs. Cramer: the outtakes

If you watched The Daily Show’s ritual disemboweling of CNBC’s Jim Cramer last night, you didn’t see it all.
By David Brauer

The PiPress’ Amy Nelson summed up on Twitter last night: “Stewart/Cramer=Oprah/Frye.”

Just as James Frey fabricated recklessness, Jim Cramer fabricated safety, and Jon Stewart disemboweled him for it. It was a brilliant interview, mixing tenacious questioning and genuine anger that spoke truth to truthiness.

However, if you watched the interview Thursday night, you didn’t see it all. Comedy Central has posted video clips that include about seven minutes of outtakes, whch you can view below. Part two seems to have the least new stuff, part three the most.

There’s more give-and-take and less red meat, though Cramer throws CNBC colleague Rick Santelli under the bus, and Stewart disses an MSNBC host as “Doucheborough.” (By the way, if you have tender ears, note the clips are uncensored.)