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Alt-weekly comics moratorium continues

Continuing economic troubles at Village Voice Media keep popular cartoons like “This Modern World” off City Pages’ pages.
By David Brauer

This Modern World” cartoonist Tom Tomorrow says Village Voice Media’s moratorium on syndicated cartoons will continue “indefinitely.” VVM, which owns City Pages, announced a suspension in January, pending an economic turnaround. That’s not happening, according to a VVM email Tomorrow says was sent to a colleague:

I had said we would review syndicated cartoons after the first quarter, so wanted to get back to you.

Sadly, the results were disappointing, so we’re going to have to extend our moratorium on syndicated cartoons for at least another quarter.

Wish I had better news. I hope we can resume our relationship when things finally turn around.

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In January, City Pages editor Kevin Hoffman told Minnesota Independent’s Paul Schmelzer that the national cartoons might return the “second or third” quarter. Looks like it will be fall at the earliest.

The paper continues to run some nationally syndicated features such as the popular “Savage Love.”