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‘Bachmann-o-meter’ gets Politico play

The national media checks in on yesterday’s content analysis.
By David Brauer

If I only I was better at branding, I would’ve headlined yesterday’s post like the clever Glenn Thursh did reblogging it today on Politico.

At the risk of being accused of seeking cheap web hits (guilty, in this case), I have to say I enjoy being labeled a “buzz-killer” by the national media. The only nit I’d pick is that Thrush referred to stories as “MB-centric” — the only thing I checked was whether a story mentioned Bachmann (and/or the other pols), not whether she was the focus.

Of course, this only proves the point that Bachmann = page views.

I promise I’ll update the “Bachmann-o-meter” one of these days — and won’t ignore the substance of the coverage either.