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Arts coverage done right: '3 Minute Egg' comes to TPT

Here's a good news story at the intersection of new and old media ...

Matt Peiken's "3 Minute Egg," an online series on the local arts scene, will debut Saturday, 9 p.m. on Twin Cities Public Television's Minnesota Channel. (Comcast St. Paul channel 243, Comcast Minneapolis channel 202, Mediacom channel 102, and over-the-air digital broadcast channel 2-2.)

Peiken's 180-second Fabergés have thrilled the local arts scene; he only covers local artists. The pieces are not only gorgeous showcases, they're perfect for modern attention spans. Somehow, Peiken pumps out a new one every day (though he is cutting back some this summer).

For example, here's a fine look at some amazing teen jazz artists:

The TPT stint is 13 weeks long in what Peiken notes is a "TiVO-friendly" time slot (the show also repeats on Sunday at 3 a.m., 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.)

Peiken isn't getting any dough from TPT, but they are giving him a bigger platform to entice sponsors and donors. Peiken covered arts for ten years at the Pioneer Press, so he knows as well as anyone that more journalists are forced to go independent if they want to keep doing their work, and like artists from time immemorial, need direct support.

His works are displayed about twice as big on his site, so I encourage you to go there give him the web hits. Of course, your TV screen is probably even larger, all the better to enjoy Peiken's omelet.

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