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Get ready for MPR’s Newscue … or NewsQueue … or …

After years of pounding into your brain, MPR will redirect new junkies to a differently named site on Thursday.
By David Brauer

I’d planned a longer pre-release feature on MPR’s new, redesigned website, which debuts tonight or Thursday. However, after tramping over to St. Paul for an interview, station higher-ups decided I couldn’t see the site or even get screen shots. In return, I decided not to run the interviews until I can look at the actual product.

Despite MPR’s control fetish, I still can’t resist an unofficially sourced teaser.

Apparently, MPR newcast hosts will soon start pitching a new news-specific address: Or Or Or As of 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, they all refer back to the home page. (Dot-coms go nowhere, by the way.)

What does this mean? Like the Pioneer Press and, MPR will be splitting its brand. There will still be news links at — the site hosts have drummed into your head for years — but the main news site will have the distinct identity.

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Will it be revolutionary, evolutionary, or a dud? I’ll let you know when I finally get a look!