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Donate debuts ‘Brett Favre Page’

Editor & Publisher is already lampooning this as “A Bridge too Favre,” noting the phlegmatic quarterback hasn’t even joined the Vikings yet.

So do I hate it? No I don’t.

Frankly, I wish newspaper websites would do this more often. Sure, the “Favre page” might be obsolete in two weeks, but so what? Even if you loathe the diva-like signal-caller, this is a big story right now and it only helps readers to aggregate their ongoing coverage somewhere.

In fact, ex-Stribber Matt Thompson, of fame, has a project as a University of Missouri fellow that builds on this concept, helping the Columbia Missourian create a “News wiki” that synthesizes “the story so far.”

That’s well beyond what the Strib is doing, but they’re on a continuum. What the Strib really needs more pages like the Favre page. They do have a “Tim Pawlenty Page,” (which could use a redesign and rewrite) and a “U.S. Senate page” (ditto). I might start pages on the 2010 gubernatorial hopefuls, though I’m not sure the Strib has enough programmers.

Newspapers are about helping make sense of the world for readers. The Brett Favre page — despite the insanity of the saga — does that.

Comments (3)

  1. Submitted by Eric Ferguson on 07/16/2009 - 02:01 pm.

    This Favre story is getting long and boring and it feels like nothing ever happens. I prefer faster paced stories. Like the senate recount.

  2. Submitted by James Blum on 07/16/2009 - 05:26 pm.

    There are so many stories the Strib (and other online news sources) could do this for. A story wiki or aggregator makes so much sense that I’m kind of stunned they haven’t shown up as indy sites.

    Well, they HAVE shown up as indy sites, but mostly for things like TV series or football teams — some fan sites are basically story aggregators based around some pop culture thing. Why not have a Michael Jackson wiki pop up on the day he passed away that aggregates content on the story from as many sources as possible, and adds historical data, links to music, photos, video, etc.? Sure, it has a short shelf life, but it also has a long tail, and some news org could oversee a division that is tasked with creating and maintaining loads of these (the Senate recount is another great example of the kind of story that could use a definitive aggregator).

  3. Submitted by Paul Udstrand on 07/20/2009 - 08:39 am.

    One more reason to not visit the Strib website.

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