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Bringing home the bacon: Minnesota 11th in stimulus funds

Minnesota is punching way above its weight, getting far more than its usual share of federal largess.
By David Brauer

The non-profit investigative site Pro Publica has been poring over stimulus-related contracts, and finds out Minnesota ranks 11th per-capita among the 50 states and D.C. We’ve received $2.87 billion of the $121.2 billion spent through July 20.

The Gopher State is punching above its weight; we rank 21st in population. The extra stimulus money is also a reversal of our usual federal fortune: We ranked 46th in per capita federal spending in 2008.

Pro Publica’s Minnesota breakdown is here, with statewide projects here and county totals here.

On a per-person basis, the county differences are dramatic: the most dough has been spent in Big Stone County ($1,005), the least in Scott County ($21). Hennepin County has received $232 per person; Ramsey $149.

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By far the most money came from the U.S. Health and Human Services Department ($916 million) and the Education Department ($863 million).