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Chad Hartman to WCCO-AM … at least part time

The Strib’s Neal Justin has the scoop; Chad is subbing for Tafoya, and possibly doing more.
By David Brauer

The Strib’s Neal Justin has the scoop.

I agree with Neal; this is a logical pairing. The former KFAN star will be subbing for Michele Tafoya, who has Monday Night Football duties. He’ll be working for Mick Anselmo, his former Clear Channel boss, and competing in the 3-6 p.m. time slot against old partner/rival Dan Barreiro.

This gig is a prelude to more work on the Good Neighbor, Justin says.

It’ll be nice to have Chad’s genteel left-of-centrism to offset Tafoya, who has shown in a few months on the air that she leans over the other side of the plate.