Newspaper industry revenue forecast nearly matches Star Tribune’s

A few days ago, I published (with skepticism) a chart of the Star Tribune’s projected revenue growth, culled from recent bankruptcy filings:

Thursday, a Virginia-based market research firm, Borrell Associates, published its projection for the industry as a whole:

Although the Borell graph begins two years earlier and extends two years later, the 2007-2012 portion is quite similar, leading some credence to the Strib’s projections, or at least demonstrating groupthink.

However, the Strib’s projection shows revenues falling a bit in 2010, while Borell’s has them rising a bit. As Paid Content’s David A. Kaplan notes, “Larger companies will continue to struggle with costs and layoffs, but in smaller markets, the newspapers that survive the tough times will stabilize.”

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  1. Submitted by dan buechler on 08/07/2009 - 10:41 am.

    Do you think this is good news or bad? We are still a 2 newspaper town and some metros have lost one competitor. Don’t forget smaller town papers like Green Bay were highly profitable (not such a mass medium and less competition). The Twin Cities is still gaining population primarily at the expense of outstate. Also with our metro region having such a high literacy rate when the i phone/netbook/kindle technology reaches higher mass what does that mean?

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