August radio demos show Barreiro up, KQ mellowing

I promised a few more details from the August Arbitron ratings when I got the 25-54-year-old demographics. Again, with the caveat that Arbitron’s SWAT team will demolish my front door if I republish actual share numbers, are some rankings and trends, all for 25-54s:

Last week, I noted KQ’s steady decline during the Personal People Meter era, which began in April. The mighty KQ Morning Show remains Number One by a huge margin, but no longer doubles Number Two KS95. Ditto among  men, where it’s KQ versus 93X.

KFAN got some good news. Dan Barreiro, who slipped to fifth among guys, is back to second place, behind KQ. (Arbitron rates the 3-7 p.m. period, but it’s mostly the drive-time talent.) The Paul Allen/Common Man block has returned to the Top Five, and the Mike Morris crew is in seventh, just ahead of AM1500’s Pat Reusse.

KTLK’s icon and Barreiro competitor Jason Lewis, is fifth among the men (in a spot he splits with Sean Hannity), while AM1500’s Joe Soucheray remains out of the Top Ten, at 11th, one spot behind WCCO’s Michele Tafoya. Among women, Tafoya finishes 12th. She’s boosted share about 10 percent among men but 33 percent among gals.

Among all 25-to-54-year-olds, MPR News ranks fifth in morning drive and fourth in evening drive — by far the top talk station. The 10 a.m.-3 p.m. slot sags to 14th.

One fascinating datapoint among male listeners in August: between 7 p.m. and midnight, MPR ties for the top spot with AM1500. That means Lisa Mullins, Terry Gross and Dick Gordon were duking it out with then-moribund Minnesota Twins for late-night radio supremacy.

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