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Friday fun: One step beyond the Brett Favre page

Pleasurably fun with auto-created topics pages.
By David Brauer

Ex-Star Tribune online boss Steve Yelvington is having some fun on his Twitter account this morning, noting that auto-created Chicago Tribune “topic” pages feature up-to-the-minute coverage on “Masturbation News and Photos.”

“Does the ChiTrib really need a penis page?” Yelvington adds.

The pages fall under the Trib’s “human body” web categorization — though three of the four stories are crime; the fourth is about Michael Jackson. Although Steve’s having a bit of sport with machine-made content aggregation, let’s just say these appear to be subjects of some public interest.

(Which reminds me of Father Guido Sarducci’s great “Saturday Night Live” discourse on this topic area, which sadly does not exist in video.)

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By the way, should the Strib ever decide to duplicate its Brett Favre Page for said topics, you’d wind up with a lot of wire copy and Alexis on the Sexes.