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Yes, KARE11 led with a story about Jay Leno immediately after Jay Leno’s show, and yes, to all of us who are heartily sick of the self-promotion, it shouldn’t be any surprise in the Brett Favre-TCF BANK STADIUM age.

Sure, local TV news has done this for years. But it does underscore the most depressing result from yesterday’s Pew Survey on public attitudes toward the press: 44 percent said “local television stations do the most to uncover and report on important local issues, while a quarter (25%) identify local newspapers as the primary sources of local news reporting.”

That would be more jaw-dropping if hadn’t led with Leno’s appearance in its rotating picture box earlier this morning. (None of the seven featured items constituted local news.) The water cooler rules.

By the way, Leno killed in the Twin Cities: 15.9 rating, 24 share — meaning 16 percent of local households with TVs tuned in, and 24 percent of those watching watched Jay. (Update: which equals roughly 270,000 households here.) That was way above the 12.1 rating and 19 share nationwide.

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  1. Submitted by Bob Collins on 09/15/2009 - 11:21 am.

    And wasn’t it marriage advice day on the WCCO news?

    Seriously, though, what did other stations lead with? Another crime that nobody outside of those affected really cares about? A repackaging of something that was in the paper?

    As you know, I don’t really care for the way Pew released its survey. It was too easily translated to X% of stories are inaccurate instead of X% of people (who may not know what they’re talking about) *say* stories are inaccurate.

  2. Submitted by David Brauer on 09/15/2009 - 11:25 am.

    Yes, true. That’s why I stuck to the poll question that most directly related to public attitudes, not media “truth.”

    Am checking on other stations’ lead stories. As they say at WCCO, good question!

  3. Submitted by Tim McNeill on 09/15/2009 - 02:16 pm.

    WCCO is trying too hard to get that young demographic from KARE. This Frank and Amelia stuff is getting pushed down the viewers throats. What happened to the I-Team? What is going on at ‘CCO?? Don Shelby will soon be out, Frank will come in, the “were married” stuff will continue, and local news reporting will take a back seat. It’s time for WCCO to understand that they are headed down the wrong path. I can only hope that the current GM gets the boot and CBS finds someone who can run a television station. The whole look of WCCO news is like watching a second rate newscast with a graphic look that makes them look cheap and unwatchable. I get a kick out of this window that looks out to a black hole where a water fountain with burnt out lights makes for a cruddy looking view. I can understand why Don Shelby is going to step-down. He has been a part of a station that use to be a leader. Now, ‘CCO seems to be a nothing more than a cheap looking, sounding, and newsless outfit.

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