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Celebrating the Twins win? Some links to linger over.

Back when I did Daily Glean, I ended with a feature called “Sore Loser,” which rounded up lamentations from the city a Minnesota sports team had just beaten. Since I was surfing this morning for every scrap of copy on the Twins’ Russian novel of a win, I thought I’d shoot you several worthwhile links.

While you may have seen it on your front page this morning, you should still linger over Brian Peterson’s awesomely composed victory photo. As I tweeted last night, the Strib marketing department should make a t-shirt out of this. Regardless of what happens in the playoffs, it will sell. Several Tweeters told me they’ve made it their desktop background.

Pat Reusse is still the best when it comes to baseball.

Detroit News’ Bob Wojnowski: “At the end of this baseball classic, the noise was suffocating, bouncing off the walls and the roof, then crashing down. It will ring in the Tigers’ heads for a long, long time.”

Detroit News’ Tom Gage: Inge was hit by that pitch, dammit.

Fox Sports’ Jon Paul Morosi: “I don’t lie about things like that,” Inge said. “It hit me.”

Detroit Free Press’ Michael Rosenberg: A defeat so compelling that no one will forget it. And yeah, the pitch hit Inge, but ump Randy Marsh stank all night. By the way, Dome lights did turn Michael Cuddyer’s 10th-inning single into a triple.

Ex-Tiger, ex-Twin, current Minnesota broadcaster Jack Morris thinks there should be a three-game series to break division ties. No there shouldn’t, Jack.

MnSpeak asks (and you should chime in): Was that the best game ever? My view: No; 1991 World Series Game 7 was the greatest game of all time, because of the stakes, and will never be topped for sustained tension. Still, this one had more twists and turns.

Fack Youk blog: Miguel Cabrera’s a wife-slugger, the Metrodome sucks, and John Gordon isn’t very good, either. Oh, by the way, TBS’ Chip Caray was as bad as Randy Marsh.

Newsday: Chip Caray sucked before last night, and dammit, Yankees and Twins fans have to listen to him again.

Notorious sportswriting red-ass Jay Mariotti celebrates the Twins.

The antithesis of Brian Peterson’s photo. Pretty funny, but I remember when the “Minnesota Nice” crowd chanted “Al-co-hol-ic!” at Miguel Cabrera last night, he hit a two-run dinger.

MinnPost’s Pat Borzi, in his New York Times freelancer role.

A nice little note: By finishing at .365, Joe Mauer compiled the highest batting average ever for a catcher.

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