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KARE battens down for protest against ‘left-wing media’

A group called Operation Can You Hear Us Now says it will picket KARE, of all places, on Saturday.
By David Brauer

A few weeks ago, I noted with some bemusement the efforts of Operation Can You Hear Us Now, plans to protest “left-wing” media bias nationwide, including those local commies at … KARE11.

Well, protest day — Saturday, Oct. 17 — is upon us, and KARE is battening down, according to a staff memo from general manager John Remes.

Noting that KARE “could be” the site of a 3 p.m. protest, Remes writes, “Of course we support the First Amendment’s protection of free speech and assembly.  At the same time we also need to protect our private property. So we will have traffic cones in both of our parking lots and driveways near the front lobby, restricting access to employees only from 2:30pm until the end of the demonstration. Security will also be here that day.”

The GM also answers the burning question: What do right-wingers have against Diana Pierce?

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As it turns out, they’re likely aiming at Keith Olbermann. OCYHUN organizers, Remes writes, “object to what they say is “bias [sic] reporting…with a political agenda. They say our NBC affiliation is why we will be picketed.”

NBC owns half of MSNBC, Olbermann’s network. Protesters say the afterparty will be at Fox. (Kidding, Channel 9!)