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MPR advertises website on KSTP-AM

Commercial radio is happy to take noncommercial radio’s commercials.
By David Brauer

Little thing, but I can’t blame some of you for being startled by the dulcet tones of MPR’s Tom Crann emanating from AM1500 during the Twins’ recent playoff crawl.

As it turned out, Tom was voicing ads for MPRNewsQ, public radio’s newly rebranded website.

Here’s the explanation from ever-responsive MPR spokeswoman Christina Schmitt: “The Twins Radio Network contacted us post-season to see if we would like to run spots. Because they are a statewide network, like ourselves, we thought it was a unique opportunity to go beyond our airwaves and talk about MPR NewsQ.”

Hearing a competitor’s website advertised on the radio remains a novelty, and may be a smart move. I’d like to think so, because we once tried to do it. On MPR.

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As Strib reporter Matt McKinney noted nearly two years ago, MPR refused MinnPost’s underwriting dough when we were getting the word out about our little start-up. We were a bit sore, but relations have been professional since then — at least for me — and somehow, both entities survived. I’m glad for NewsQ’s sake that the commercial radio is less worried about who it gets its money from.