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‘Non-flying imam’ might upend your stereotypes

Katherine Kersten finds a Muslim willing to endorse the detainment of the ‘flying imams.’ The Asian American Press finds an imam who might agree with Kersten on many things, but not this.
By David Brauer

Monday, our own Eric Black got a few thousand web hits laying out the evidence in the “flying imams” case. It was a fine, fact-based (if implicit) rebuke to former colleague Katherine Kersten’s “blame the ump” gambit in the Strib.

Kersten, who largely elided such evidence, ended her OpEx column by finding a Muslim willing to decry “victimization” and sign off on the imams’ removal and detention. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy appears to be a two-person shop, at least according to its website, but if nothing else, his advocacy proves Muslims are not a monolith, if you need that reminder.

In that vein, it’s worth reading an interview with Bloomington imam Ikram-Ul-Huq in the Asian American Press, via Twin Cities Daily Planet. According to reporter Tom Laventure, Ikram took his out-of-town colleagues to the airport and prayed with them for 45 minutes before the fateful flight. 

Just another America-hating terrorist? Stow your stereotypes! According to the story, “Ikram … is also vice chair of his District 37A Republican Party Board, and chairman of his local precinct.”