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Performing Petters punditry in the Wall Street Journal

My quote is about as obvious as it comes, but it’s still nice to pop up in the nation’s largest newspaper.

Update: Oh, pooh. Several readers say the link hits a paywall. The way around that is to search Google for “Brauer,” “Petters,” and “Journal” — should come up near the top.

I think Murdoch will be OK if I paste in the paragraph before, during and after my insight:

Frederic Bruno, a lawyer representing [alleged Petters conspirator] Mr. [Larry] Reynolds, said of his client: “You’ll have to wait to see what he says in testimony at trial, if he testifies.”

The twist is the latest surprise in a case that has captivated Minnesota since Mr. Petters was charged. In the Twin Cities, “people are eating it up,” said David Brauer, who covers media for the online news site

Jon Petters, one of Mr. Petters’s brothers, said he thinks the local publicity has been “horrendous and very unfair.” When he tells friends he is optimistic about Tom being acquitted, “their jaws drop,” he said.

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