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Sometimes, a journalist’s role is to slow the torches and pitchforks

Gutsy, substantial post from MPR’s Bob Collins on the Strib’s sex offender TV stories.
By David Brauer

Gutsy, substantial post from MPR’s Bob Collins on the Strib’s sex offender TV stories.

Collins’ “News Cut” blog has long been a favorite of mine, in large part because he’s pretty astute (and fast, and professional) at questioning orthodoxy. Even if his posts don’t always change your mind, and do sometimes piss you off, we need more like him.

Bookmark it, Dano.

[Update, elevated from the comments: Ex-Stribber Eric Wieffering reminds us of Larry Oakes’ awesome 2008 Moose Lake expose, which discussed the “treatment” aspect of sexual offender treatment. You can find the series here.]