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Target Field’s signature Twins installed

Took my second Target Field tour Wednesday with the “Save the Met” crew, anti-Dome diehards who failed to derail indoor baseball way back when. Thirty years later, they saw the powers-that-be re-embrace their paradigm — albeit at excessive taxpayer expense that still has founder Julian Loscalzo spitting nails.

For me, the visit was mostly personal recon for an upcoming cheap-seats season-ticket purchase. But it happened to be the day they were installing a really cool version of the classic “Twins Shaking Hands” logo in dead-center.

So I thought I’d pass along a shot (via an iPhone, so minimum megapixels) and a brief video (shot with a non-HD Flip Cam, my first-ever attempt, so minimum competency).

First, here are the dudes on a Twins sleeve patch (with the newfangled Twins logo rising above them):

Now, the center field sign. It’s missing the uppermost panel, but you get the idea:

Credit: Michael Samuelson
Credit: Michael Samuelson

Now, a very brief video:

I’m not positive, but I think the dudes will shake hands after Twins homers.

If you want to see much better photography of the event, only from outside the stadium, check out Rick Prescott’s obsessively wonderful Ballpark Magic blog. Better yet, bookmark it and add it to your RSS reader.

Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Andy Gifford on 10/01/2009 - 12:42 pm.

    According to a lot of the comments at Rick’s site (which I love to read), the hands will NOT be shaking. No animatronics.

    But the bat-shaped topiaries will light up alternately when there’s a Twins home run (there are nine of them, so one will light up at the end of every inning). But the sign is a wonderful touch, nonetheless.

  2. Submitted by David Brauer on 10/01/2009 - 12:54 pm.

    Thanks Andy – I’ll try to get further definitive word.

    By the way, we were told yesterday the topiary plants will be HOPS. Yup, the beer precursor. Totally perfect.

  3. Anonymous Submitted by Anonymous on 10/01/2009 - 03:31 pm.

    I’ve been told they will not be shaking, either, for what it’s worth.

  4. Submitted by Leslie Davis on 10/04/2009 - 09:44 pm.

    Plesae don’t take me out to the ballgame when the
    “cumulative” air pollution that occurs during state issued air alerts, mix with air emissions from the garbage burner, and from incresaed vehicle traffic, and from existing daily air pollution? Am I boring you?

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