WCCO Radio advertises for Don Shelby’s successor

The $900,000 multi-media anchor announced plans to leave radio back in September, shortly after Michele Tafoya supplanted him in afternoon drive. A new employment ad seeks “an experienced on-air news/talk talent weekdays 1-3p,” salary and start date unspecified.

Looking at the text below, it will interesting to see just how strong those opinions really are, since they rarely go with “accept direction” and “be flexible”:

“Candidate must have ability to make an emotional connection with and build listener loyalty on-air; conduct entertaining interviews and interact with callers. Must exude personality and not be afraid to have strong opinions as well as possess the ability to entertain in person. Must have ability to accept direction and be flexible with changes. Ability to be and articulate on current affairs. The successful candidate will have major market experience. Proven track record is a must.”

CJ, who noted Shelby’s contract expires in December, has thrown around Chad Hartman’s name, and also John Hines. Mischke ain’t interested. I’ll fish around in the morning for anything new.

[Hat tip: You-know-who.]

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  1. Submitted by Hannah on 10/28/2009 - 12:46 pm.

    Jeanette Trompeter?

  2. Submitted by Carol Peterson on 10/31/2009 - 10:43 pm.

    I am going to miss Don Shelby. He is by far the most interesting persona on WCCO radio. They are trying too hard to cater to sports fans all around, and in the process, they are alienating the rest of us who would prefer to entertain new ideas, learn about things we didn’t know about, and laugh a little about current events. I know Don has been looking forward to retiring for quite some time, but I think WCCO put a “rush” order on it. I think they are doomed, unless they get a brain cell.

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