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More fun with radio ratings: the corporate rankings

Five corporations own 85 percent of the Twin Cities radio market. So how are they faring in group competition?
By David Brauer

As regular readers know, I’m powerless in the face of a spreadsheet. So to follow up on last night’s post about October radio ratings, I thought I’d gin up a chart on how the corporate overlords are doing.

While the numbers below only cover total listenership, not the ad-coveted 25-to-54-year-old demo. But this gives you a window into another way these guys compete, at the ownership level.

There are five corporations that control 85 percent of the radio market:

♦ Clear Channel (K102, KDWB, KFAN, Cities97, KOOL108, KTLK and KXFN)
♦ Citadel (KQ, 93X, LOVE105)
♦ Hubbard Broadcasting (KS95, AM1500, FM107)
♦ Minnesota Public Radio (KNOW, The Current, Classical)

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As you can see from the chart below, Clear Channel is the big dog, with middle three comprising a second tier, and MPR a very healthy fifth.

There’s not a ton of variation in market share over the past five months, but Clear Channel and Hubbard ticked up this month on the strength of their sports properties: in CC’s case, the Vikes, and for Hubbard, the Twins.