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Braublog: Now getting journalists jobs!

I can’t promise this will ever repeat itself, but after two-plus years of reporting pay cuts and staff slashing, Braublog has actually helped get a journalist a job. Caveat: it’s not in journalism.

So 12 days ago, I wrote “The Online Newsman’s Lament,” about Jeff Achen, who lost his web editor title (but not his suburban newsweekly job) after higher-ups determined this Internet thing wasn’t a moneymaker.

Over the weekend, I run into Jeff, who seemed especially happy to see me. I’ll let an email from Jennifer Ford Reedy, the St. Paul Foundation’s V.P. for Strategy and Knowledge Management, explain why:

I just wanted to let you know that we read your post about Jeff Achen, called to invite him in for an interview and offered him a job. He’s starting work for us January 4th as an “Interactive Media Strategist” working for the Foundation’s overall communications and for GiveMN. Thought you should be the first to know! Do you feel awed by your power?

Yes. Yes I do.

Of course, Jeff made himself recruiting- and raise-worthy; I was just the accidental messenger. This lesson, kids, is that even if journalism is a troubled and uncertain profession, acquire as many skills as you can while you have a job. They can always take the job away from you, but they can’t take your skills.

As a media critic who finds problems more interesting than good work audiences should expect, I sometimes feel bad about kicking an industry while it’s down. The feeling usually passes, but it’s hard to tell if the criticism ever really changes anything for the better. Therefore, it’s especially nice to be reminded that this writing stuff can positively affect people’s lives. Happy holidays.

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Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Jeff Achen on 12/16/2009 - 07:39 am.

    Thanks David! I’m very excited to join GiveMN and the folks at the Minnesota Community Foundation and The Saint Paul Foundation.

    Getting recruited away from journalism is nothing new, but as professional journalism continues to face its share of challenges the job/advancement opportunities seem fewer and farther in between.

    Thisweek Newspaper will continue to strengthen its print coverage, but unfortunately investments in online are just a little too much to ask of smaller news organizations with floundering online revenue strategies.

    Work at the Foundations will be a great place for me to continue innovating as I help communicate the news of their non-profit partnerships, online ventures and charitable mission. Perhaps we’ll see more jobs like this crop up at news organizations as the economy heals and journalism navigates the monumental changes ahead.

    Thanks for being the “accidental messenger” of much of that change here in the Twin Cities.

  2. Submitted by Paul Posel on 12/16/2009 - 07:41 am.

    Good work. It’s always nice to hear about someone getting a job in this economy, and at this time of the year. Happy holidays to all.

  3. Submitted by Annalise Cudahy on 12/16/2009 - 09:34 am.

    Congrats to Jeff on a well deserved gig, and congrats to Brauer for havin’ the power!

    You know, back when people getting off the boat in New York from distant teeming shores were met with reps from the political machine right away the ability to find jobs was the best source of absolutely loyal political power there was. It still is. Having that touch is like magic. Hope you use it well! 🙂

  4. Submitted by Alistair MacLean on 12/17/2009 - 10:58 am.

    I take issue with the “smaller news organizations with floundering online revenue strategies” statment. I detect the smell of sour grapes. What’s wrong with being a beat reporter?

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