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Credit in heaven, and in the Star Tribune comments

Yeah, OK, we all know the Star Tribune comments often reek, but there’s some man bites dog at the end of Suburbs guitarist Bruce C. Allen’s obit. Sweet stuff — especially, for once, the featured comment.

For those of us who still remember the sights, and smells, of Goofy’s Upper Deck, and the band that sent us into the stratosphere, thanks for softening the sadness, commenters.

Those of you still to chime in: keep it on the right side of a good thing.

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Comments (1)

  1. Submitted by Christine Mlodzik on 12/09/2009 - 11:56 am.

    I agree about the Strib’s reeking comments, but Bruce Allen was part of Minneapolis rock royalty. I won’t say he’ll get Credit in Heaven (already covered in the comments), but I’d bet he was handed a guitar at the pearly gates, then joined Les Paul for a jam session. No doubt heaven sounds a lot sweeter today, but us fans will miss him down here.

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