Don Shelby, distilled

In a sweet valedictory for Don Shelby’s radio career, Pioneer Press reporter Amy Carlson Gustafson catches this wonderful quote from WCCO-AM sidekick Jeff McKinney:

“He is a know-it-all, and the best thing about Shelby is: a) He is a know-it-all; and b) He knows he’s a know-it-all; and c) He approves of being a know-it-all,” McKinney says. “He wallows in being a know-it-all, so I always gave him a lot of trouble about that.”

I, too, have been a guest in Shelby’s “I Like Me” room, but despite that self-aware self-absorption (the excesses of which are pure schtick, make no mistake), I always found him a generous host. 

By the way, Gustafson notes no successor has yet been named, and she doesn’t add any names to the mix. I’ve got nothing for you either, except to note the persistence of Chad Hartman/John Hines rumors, which are old and moldy at this point. Tips welcome!

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