A little more on Matt Thomas’ AM1500 exit

I noted in my November radio-ratings piece that KSTP-AM evening host Matt Thomas is exiting for Houston. It’s no secret that Hubbard Broadcasting-owned AM1500 is struggling, its Twins deal likely won’t be extended past 2010 and changes need to be (and are being) made.

Still, Thomas says he wasn’t pushed out.

“Definitely a jump not a push,” he says, noting that “besides offers in Houston from two different radio groups, the Hubbards offered me a 2-year extension.”

The Space City native notes, “The future of the Twins after 2010 was a factor but in the end going back home with some great options was too good to pass up. KSTP has its challenges right now but from an employer-employee standpoint, they are the finest people I have ever worked for my 18 years in radio.”

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  1. Submitted by Kimbers Cadieux on 12/04/2009 - 07:14 am.

    “It’s no secret that Hubbard Broadcasting-owned AM1500 is struggling, its Twins deal likely won’t be extended past 2010 and changes need to be (and are being) made.”

    I have listened to AM1500 for what seems like forever and I’m wondering why is it so hard for them to create an identity for themselves and build on it?

    They seem to have a throw it at the wall and see if it sticks philosophy and it’s led to a real mish-mash of a line up that forces listeners to change gears several times a day.

    They also have a couple people that are on over the weekend that are way under-utilized IMHO.

    If/when the Twins leave after 2010 it seems they really upset there own apple cart for nothing and given the decisions over the past year or two, I don’t have much faith in their vision.

    To Matt Thomas, thanks for the funnest wrestling interviews ever! I wish you well.

  2. Submitted by Kristy Grieger on 12/04/2009 - 08:20 am.

    I think I said another piece a few postings back about KSTP-AM.

    They will always struggle as long as the Hubbards are hands-on as owners. They micro manage their properties into the ground. I bet they look at the ratings and wonder what’s wrong with the public, instead of looking in the mirror.

    But yet, they don’t pull the reigns on their talent when the talent critisizes the Twins’ broadcasters, for example. You do NOT berate the same people who are on your own airwaves. That is UNprofessional, not to mention totally class-less. That is just ONE example. I’m not discussing whether Gordon and/or Gladden are the best PBPlay duo, just that you don’t behave that way publically.

    The diff between #AM-1500 KSTP and #WCCO-AM is the maturity level. It’s the polish of the on-air talent. Granted WCCO am is beginning to lose that edge ever so slowly (with the tinkering by #CBS, who has NO CLUE) but are still decades ahead.

    The belief that writers can automatically become broadcast talent just doesn’t work. Neither Reusse or Souchery are horrible, but Reusse just doesn’t have a filter that is tweaked well enuf.

    I LOVE the State Fair Baby Parade….outstanding humor and great fun. But they are, together, perhaps filtering each other.

    The best aquisition for KSTP is clearly Al Malmberg. Part of the stooopid decisions by CBS, down the dial, he is heads & tails more talented than the entirety of the rest of the KSTP line up. I don’t like his right wing rhetoric, but he doesn’t do that ALL the time. That’s why radios have knobs, right?

    Gimme the Sat morning Gerten’s Home & Garden show, and I’m happy. No controversy no politics no sports. The way radio was meant to be!!!

  3. Submitted by Dave Kopesky on 12/04/2009 - 11:24 am.

    I disgree with the comment about the polish of 830AM’s on-air talent, at least their play-by-play teams. John Gordon and Dan Gladden, as bad as they are, are “polished” compared to WCCO’s Lee, Mona and Thompson trio that broadcats Gopher football. They are downright painful and embarrassing to listen to.

  4. Submitted by Tom Knisely on 12/08/2009 - 12:49 pm.

    Thank God! Matt was a nice enough guy and very earnest, but listening to him beat at topic into the ground was PAINFUL. Mr. Fun formerly of K-FAN filled in on Garage Logic a week or two ago and was great. I say give him Matt Thomas’ spot.

    What’s Mr. Fun’s real name anyway? I always thought of him as the Rookie of the Fan and then he was on with the Rookie and I was really confused.

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