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Air America network goes bankrupt; KTNF largely spared

Wee-hour, night time and weekend shows affected; prime dayparts untouched.
By David Brauer

While I was out grocery shopping, Air America — the lefty network that once employed Sen. Al Franken — went bankrupt. You can read the network’s statement here. They’re choosing Chapter 7, which is liquidation, which is dead, dead, dead.

So how does this affect local lefty station KTNF-FM, a.k.a. AM950? Fortunately, Janet Robert’s station — once known as Air America Minnesota — largely detached from the national enterprise awhile ago. According to a statement on “The Voice of Minnesota’s” website, prime dayparts are safe, but evenings, weekends, and the week hours get nicked:

AM950 will lose several shows distributed by Air America including the Ron Reagan Show, the Nicole Sandler Show and several weekends [sic] shows.

Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Bill Press and Mike Malloy will stay on the air along with the other local talk show hosts at AM950. As an independently owned and operated radio station, AM950 is financially profitable thanks to its talented talk show host [hope that’s a sic], dedicated staff, great advertisers and loyal listeners.

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AM950’s schedule lists Reagan’s show at 1 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays and Sandler’s at 11 p.m.

Minnesota Independent’s Chris Steller quotes Robert saying she’s trying to keep “Ring of Fire,” a weekend mainstay featuring Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. That show’s website includes this statement:

We will continue to run our weekly radio show. Ring of Fire is independently produced, and we were only syndicated through Air America. We will simply be syndicated through another company, but rest assured, you will not miss a single beat. We are still set to air as per usual.  

According to the December Arbitrons, AM950 ranked 21st among all listeners with a 0.7 percent share, a tenth of a point higher than right-wing counterpart The Patriot.