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December radio ratings: Christmas music works

Want to double your share of the radio listening audience? Start spinning a little Santa.
By David Brauer

Yeah, you’ve tossed the tree and boxed the ornaments, but Twin Cities radio stations are still basking in the glow of Christmas.

Well, WLTE-FM and KOOL108 are, anyway. The “LiteFM” and Oldies stations gave their schedules over to Xmas tunes and saw their ratings spike for the Nov. 12-Dec. 9 period, designed by Arbitron as “December.” Arbitron created a “13th month” (Dec. 10-Jan. 6) that was supposed to weed out such trickery, but LiteFM and KOOL108 simply flipped the switch in mid-November.

WLTE’s share among all listeners (well, 6 and older) nearly doubled, from 3.8 to 7.0, placing it fourth in the market, while KOOL’s shot up about 50 percent, from 4.1 to 6.0, good for sixth place. Y’all are just red-nosed lemmings.

Who got hurt? KQRS matched its Portable People Meter low (8.8), K102 dipped below an 8 (7.3), for the first time in PPM, and even KNOW couldn’t rebound from a member-drive-depleted 4.8 in November. The sad trombone again sounded for KSTP-AM, which dipped to a new low, 1.7. The station regularly drew 3s and even a 4.5 during the Twins season. And The Current continues a downward trajectory, to 1.5.

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Again, these shares do not measure the ad-friendliest demographics (say, 25-to-54), nor do they measure a station’s income from ad sales or memberships.

Here’s the table:

Here, in multi-colored spaghetti form, is each station’s arc during PPM measurement:

Finally, the corporate cup. CBS edged into second place on WLTE’s jingly bells.