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Ex-KFAN personality Joe 'Mr. Phunn' Anderson gets KSTP-AM gig

So this is cool: Joe Anderson, a.k.a. "Mr. Phunn" from his days at Dan Barreiro's KFAN sidekick, will replace Matt Thomas in AM1500's 5:30-8 p.m. slot.

Anderson, who's filled in on AM1500 frequently since his KFAN non-compete expired in September, secured a one-year gig. That will take him through the final season of the station's contract with the Minnesota Twins, which almost certainly won't be renewed. Late last year, Thomas announced he was leaving to return to his hometown of Houston and the Astros' play-by-play station.

KSTP's ratings currently look like the Twins' 1999 record, so I can't blame the station for hedging long-term bets. Still, Anderson was definitely a listenable dude on Barreiro's show.

"There will be elements of sports because of the [show's] placement, but my interests lie in the world of entertainment and politics," Anderson says. "They've put no constraints on me; I have a wide-open agenda."

I haven't heard him on KSTP, but he calls himself a "pragmatic moderate." Uhh, you have anything more specific, Joe? He says he is pro-Vikings stadium (which may be a radical position at the moment) but, for example, against the Iraq War because we entered under false pretenses. Still, I suspect the self-described "hockey-playing guy from St. Paul" won't piss off the dwindling cadres whom the Portable People Meters say listen to Garage Logic, Phunn's lead-in.

Anderson says he left KFAN with "absolutely" no hard feelings toward Barreiro, for whom he has "the greatest respect." He ditched radio for a hardwood-floor franchise businsess because KFAN's owner, the eventually to-be-bankrupt Clear Channel, wasn't interested in forking out the dough. Sounds like KSTP's money is a come-down from KFAN's, but not greviously so, and, as Anderson notes "the economics of radio has changed. The good thing for me it's a great opportunity to go to work for the Hubbards. Matt Thomas told me it's the best place he's worked, and I hope to get there and stay there."

Anderson says he was given no ratings expectations, though obviously those matter, and at the moment he has no cast of supporting characters. "We're starting on the ground level," says the soon-to-be-ex hardwood salesman.

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Comments (4)

During his non-compete, Mr. Phunn did some consulting and writing work for us here at Fast Horse, and he was every bit as congenial as his on-air persona would suggest. There was no shock at the man behind the curtain.

Congrats to Mr. Phunn and best of luck. He seems like a good guy...which made me think he'd be perfect for the 'CCO afternoon gig. Looks like we're getting a kinder, gentler KSTP, too...

"That will take him through the final season of the station's contract with the Minnesota Twins, which almost certainly won't be renewed."

Is this an indication that AM 1500 will no longer be broadcasting Twins Games? First I have heard of it and from every comment I heard on the station that relationship was still viable.

AM 1500 really does need to do something. The quality of their programs has dropped way off and other than Garage Logic and on occasions Patrick Reusse's early morning show, they have lost me as an all-day listener.

The KSTP AM1500 insider email I just received said that "many know him from his media work around town. Others know him from his shenanigans as he was growing up in St. Paul."

A host with local roots would be a welcome change from the mid-morning show. Good luck to him.

Congrats Joe, class guy and I really hope he does well but...

As noted, KSTP is really hurting right now. Joe while a nice guy, isn't host material for a permanent gig. He was a fantastic sidekick and may work with a decent partner. Sadly his solo gigs on KFAN were hard to listen to.

Me, I would have gone after Hartmann or even former KFAN/KSTP host Bob Yates.