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WCCO-AM’s hunt for an afternoon host continues … on Craigslist?

Chad Hartman remains in the running, but a CBS corporate exec is intent on trying out more people, including former WCCOer John Williams.
By David Brauer

Now, this ad could well be a fake — I emailed AM830 execs Mick Anselmo and Wendy Paulson for comment this morning and have not heard back — but there’s no doubt that Don Shelby’s old time slot has not been filled.

Today, in fact, the Good Neighbor is trying out current WGN host and former ‘CCO-er John Williams. Does this mean one of the leading names, ex-KFAN host Chad Hartman, is out of the running?

No, says Hartman. “I’m interested. I was first approached by Mick and Wendy this summer when my non-compete ended. They said, ‘Do some filling in, we’ll let this thing play itself out.’ Since then, a gentleman by the name of Steve Moore, the CBS director of programming and operations, has gotten very involved in this issue. I’ve sat down with Steve three times to talk about things, and right from the start, he said they would bring in a variety of people and see what they think.”

Hartman says money is not a sticking point; no figures have been offered or exchanged. A call to Moore wasn’t immediately returned.

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By the way, the Craigslist text exactly mirrors a WCCO ad I wrote about last October.