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Don Shelby’s classy interview with Mpls.St.Paul’s Brian Anderson

Last month’s post on longtime Mpls.St.Paul editor Brian Anderson’s health resulted in an outpouring of comments and support, so I thought I pass along a link to a very nice Don Shelby interview with Anderson that aired Thursday. You’ll see the Brian that a lot of us know — modest, understated, but honest about his work and strong about his fate.

Example: “[T]here is a point of acceptance and I am at that point. And I feel bad for my family and friends who aren’t there yet and are still grieving.” 

Shelby also gets Brian to muse on MSP’s business realities; for example, the “I’m Not a Racist But …” cover he was proud of, but flopped at the newsstand.

Having worked on a few “good-for-you” projects at MSP over the years, I had to smile — ruefully — at Brian’s analysis, which mirrors what I’ve heard from many a glossy-mag editor: “One thing I learned from that is that you get the serious, good solid stories, but you don’t always put them on the cover. You kind of hide them inside. And the reader will find them. And what you want is for the people to read it. You don’t want people to be turned off by the cover so they won’t even pick up the magazine. You want to kind of sneak in on them.”

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  1. Submitted by Eric Schubert on 02/19/2010 - 10:58 am.

    That was a really thoughtful story last night. If local TV news had more of that – genuine substance of life in our community – I’d tune in more.

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