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WCCO-TV debuts 'The Wire'

Nope, not a rebroadcast of the fabulous cable series, but a news-buzz-graphical-interface web thingie. I'm going to go play with it and report back. You do the same. FAQs here.

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Comments (6)

Wow...I feel too old to use the Wire.

I think anytime you have to spend several minutes explaining how to interact with your website, ya got trouble with a capital T.

The massive jumble of dots on the timeline makes it hard to prioritize and quickly find what interests you. Who has the time to surf through all of this?

And maybe I'm a focus group of one, but seeing how a news story comes together is not all that interesting. And, will WCCO really be posting updates on their investigative pieces while they are in development? There must be limits on what they'll post...of course, we don't know what they're hiding behind the curtain.

Maybe the user-generated filter will help, but it seems like an overwhelming amount of info. will be posted on this site. Think of it...all events in the WCCO viewing area could be posted here. I wonder how many terabytes of storage they have lined up.

yay! another way to not watch Jason Derusha!

Man this thing is almost unusable in Chrome/Mac. Going to try Firefox next.

I'm sorry 'cco, but it's time to go green. Pulling the plug now will save earth some electricity.

When my thumb crazy mobile device savvy kids don't get it, no one will. Operationally, it's not gonna be the next Twitter - though the name The Wire is good for us old folks (kids don't get the tie-in) .


Forgot to mention how desperate 'cco must be for advertising. Today's big ad on the WIRE is for "A Roll in the Hay with the Roller Girls" - Only $10.

Our old "Good Neighbor" would have never let an innuendo ad within a mile of the airways - even as cute as this one is.

You guys are harsh. A local media outlet takes a major initiative to invent a new product that has the potential to be franchised nationwide to other CBS affiliates, and all you can think to say is "this sucks"? It's natural to be wary of new technology, but this thing represents a months (years?)-long investment of a local media institution, and it deserves a more nuanced reaction than you're giving it (commenters, not Brauer).