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GOP convention: Seifert takes shot at ‘bankrupt’ Star Tribune but …

The Republican gubernatorial candidate bashes the Strib, but management has emulated them!
By David Brauer

Normally, I’m the one who takes cheap shots at the Star Tribune, but that paper’s Hot Dish blog reports that Marty Seifert has fliered the state GOP convention with his bon mot uttered after editorialists urged raising taxes: “A bankrupt newspaper giving advice to a bankrupt state government is no solution to balance the budget.”

Hey, Sarah Palin is making a hefty living poking the media, so even if Marty doesn’t have her support, he knows a delegate-pleaser when he sees one.

It does strike me, though, that the jab is dated. After all, consider what the Strib did to get out of bankruptcy: it’s practically the GOP platform!

1.     Cut union jobs and pay.
2.     Privatize retirement funds.
3.     Cut health services.
4.     Raise taxes, er … fees. (OK, that’s a “do what we do,” not “do what we say.”)

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Seifert’s slam isn’t meant to be examined closely — after all, the journalists who wrote the edit didn’t drive the paper into the financial ditch — but one cheap shot deserves another:

The most famous bankruptcy around these parts isn’t the Strib’s, but Denny Hecker’s. And guess who gave $50,000 to the state GOP in 2006? Should we take advice from a party with donors like that? Makes about as much sense.