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Your tax dollars at work: TPT debuts ‘Minnesota Original’

What is minnesota original? from mn original on Vimeo.

Twin Cities Public Television flipped the switch on Monday. The site — and a half-hour weekly Thursday 7:30 p.m. TPT2 show debuting April 22 — will cover Minnesota’s arts scene.

As an admirably blunt opening video makes clear, sales tax bucks funded “Minnesota Original” — specifically Legacy Fund money to “explore, promote and preserve” the state’s creative scene, which is defined ultimately as “anything you can think of.” Among those involved ace videographer and web guru Chuck Olsen (“Eskimo Witch”) and David Gillette, an illustrator-journalist who covered the Copenhagen global climate change conference for MinnPost. 

Though there are other videographers chronicling the state’s art scene — Matt Peiken’s “Three Minute Egg” comes to mind — “Minnesota Original” will get a hefty TPT promotional push, and the work already displays a nice level of polish and breadth. While government-mandated promotion isn’t a journalistic value, the state does have a terrific arts scene and it will be fun to watch the TPT pros try to capture it.

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  1. Submitted by William Souder on 04/12/2010 - 02:19 pm.

    What an outrage! This is money that could have been spent on the Minnesota Vikings’ desperately needed new state-of-the-art, retractable-roof, MP3-compatible, rich-in-fiber, $875 million stadium, now with glucosamine and chondroitin. If Mr. Wilf doesn’t get what he wants…and folks, let’s just forget that we’re in the middle of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, cuz Mr. Wilf sure isn’t paying it any mind…well, he’ll take his ball and go elsewhere. Then we’ll just be an artsy Omaha. And, presumably, still insolvent fiscally speaking.

    Plus, there is no brand of performance art more amusing than watching Brett Favre throw an 11th-hour season-ruining interception, unless it’s watching Adrina Peterson attempt to dribble into the end zone. So we’d have those things for culture. Ask any scenester…

  2. Submitted by William Souder on 04/12/2010 - 04:12 pm.

    Adrian I mean. How ironic that I dropped the ball.

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