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Another Good Neighbor departs: Jeff McKinney leaves WCCO-AM

Though the Good Neighbor's brief news story doesn't link it to buyouts, longtime WCCO-AM newsman Jeff McKinney is leaving the station. 

McKinney's departure follows by 10 days the buyout of WCCO morning entertainment editor Tim Russell; late-night host Dark Star left earlier in April. I'm reasonably sure McKinney won't be the last guy to go as WCCO sheds some of its higher salaries, but I haven't heard back from management today.

In the meantime, WCCO is advertising for a temporary fill-in story producer/editor who can also "assume a public relations role." At least they're transparent about it.

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Comments (8)

I'm betting that the pay will be next to nothing there at 'CCO. Prolly one of the reasons Mischke hasn't signed with them yet.

The blood bath continues. With this departure, 'CCO now lost me in the afternoons too. He was and is a great asset to the Evil Neighbor. I will miss his athoritative style, good reading skills and mature wit. CBS radio must be in trouble. Or, Mick is going to change the whole direction of this historic radio station. Mike Lynch, Bruce Hogavic, Eric Eskola, Dave Lee, Denny Long, Sue Zekickson and company are more than likely next. I am not sure that these decisions are going to do anything other than drive more people away. What a mess this organization is in over the long-haul. Even over at the television side things are in a free-fall.

The wit, wisdom and style of yet another professional depart from 'CCO. We'll miss you Jeff McKinney. After 50 years of tuning in my afternoon dial moves to 1500 and/or MPR.

I worked at Circuit City in high school shortly after they fired all their expensive employees and switched to an hourly employee setup. It bought them about five years. I wonder if 'CCO will be as lucky.

And what is there left to listen to on WCCO in the afternoons? So why would I bother to tune in anymore?

Get rid of Michele Tafoya and bring in someone who has actual knowledge of day to day events and the history behind them. Someone who doesn't just make it up as she goes along. Someone who doesn't tackle the topic of the new law in Arizona and finally three days after the fact actually makes an attempt to read the new law, but no attempt whatsoever to also cover the various legal interpretations of it by lawyers across the spectrum.

Oh, wait, we depended on Jeff for that sort of news. Guess you're just out of luck 'CCO.

Anybody who knows me knows that I'm listening to All Things Considered during those hours. That said, I think McKinney would have matured into the 21st Century Steve Cannon for WCCO. Not that good, but good enough.

Funny through all this I have not heard one word about cutting loose Sid Hartman. But then for some unexplainable reason I guess his Sunday show still gets high viewer and advertiser support.

Well, sid will have to pass on but, Chad will carry the tourch. I just can not take any more of Sid on the radio. He can not hide his age and short comings there.