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Daily Kos' Research 2000 stinkbomb and Minnesota polling

This is a biggie in the world of political polling: the lefty site Daily Kos announced it will sue its pollster of the past 18 months, Research 2000. Based on the analysis of a couple of polling pros, Kos says R2K's weekly "State of the Nation" poll was "bunk." In a statement, R2K says, "I will tell you unequivocally that we conducted EVERY poll properly for the Daily Kos."

We don't yet know who's right, but first, disclosure: MinnPost has cited R2K polls eight times, according to our archives. From what I can tell, none involved the "State of the Nation" poll, which measured the public's feelings about President Obama, congressional leaders and political parties.

Obviously, though, the company's body of work is — for the moment — suspect. Recently, pollster and nationally recognized polling analyst Nate Silver rated R2K fifth from the bottom in an analysis. Last year, Minnesota Independent noted how R2K's results differed from another pollster's, though no one knew the chicanery allegations at the time.

While R2K does work with media outlets, institutions and political organizations nationwide, they apparently don't here. Still, there do offer their share of Minnesota results. Take those with a cube of salt, or at least with several more grains than any poll.

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Looking at the 538 article, it concerns me that the Star Tribune doesn't seem to be doing very well in its polling. Has anyone asked them about the quality of their polling?