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Good Neighbor switcheroo: John Williams to mornings, Chad Hartman to afternoons

Thanks to a Chicago station, WCCO-AM will have to swap Chad Hartman and John Williams in its schedule.
By David Brauer

One of the complications of sharing a radio host with another station is when that station zigs, you have to zag.

Because Chicago’s WGN-AM is moving John Williams to an afternoon slot, WCCO-AM will have to move Williams from 1-3 here to 9-noon.

Recent hire Chad Hartman currently holds down the morning slot; he’ll move to noon-3 p.m.

WCCO’s current noon-1 p.m news hour will disappear, program director Wendy Paulson confirms. The switcheroo occurs Aug. 9.

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Paulson acknowledges the change is being made to accommodate WGN, but says Hartman should do well in the afternoons. After all, this is close to his old KFAN slot, though he’ll be up against ESPN1500’s local hosts Pat Reusse and Phil Mackey, instead of that station’s nationally syndicated (and un-great) Colin Cowherd. Hartman — who talks less sports in his current incarnation — will be head-to-head versus KFAN’s Dan “Common Man” Cole.

Williams, who does both shows from Chicago, will work 12:30-3 p.m. in the Windy City. All told, he’ll be on the air five and an half hours per weekday, down from six currently. Soon, he’ll at least get a half-hour for lunch.