Minnesota Public Radio adding D.C. correspondent

Looks like the Star Tribune’s Kevin Diaz and our own Derek Wallbank are getting some competition: Minnesota Public Radio is advertising for a D.C. correspondent.

According to the ad in Journalismjobs.com, the MPR News reporter will “provide enterprising news coverage of Minnesota’s eight-person congressional delegation, a key federal agency and other policy or political developments that might affect Minnesotans. The position is for a hard-working reporter with a desire to work ‘inside-the-beltway’ yet produce distinctive, exclusive stories that set the Minnesota news agenda from DC.”

The ad mixes politics and policy; I’d love it if it tilted toward the latter, but that may be too much to expect. Still, having a third respected local news org watching Washington is a heartening development, and we may be ticking up from the truly lean years when the Strib axed multiple reporters (Jeremy Herb helps out Diaz currently) and the PiPress abandoned its bureau. Hope MPR finds someone awesome.

[Update: One political source notes Minnesota’s congressional delegation numbers 10; there are eight representatives, but MPR probably wants to cover the two U.S. Senators, too.]

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  1. Submitted by Nick Coleman on 08/11/2010 - 11:50 am.

    I guess MPR could really use a Washington correspondent. For starters, Minnesota has a TEN-person delegation in Congress, not eight.

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