At Pioneer Press, Melo, Miranda promoted

As regular readers know, I’m ready to celebrate the moment the Pioneer Press hires its first new news reporter in two years. Three weeks ago, editor Thom Fladung said the paper would rearrange beats internally before going outside, but it would happen eventually.

The rearrangement is speeding ahead. First, Frederick Melo got the new “urban life” beat, which will include St. Paul and suburban neighborhoods as well as Met Council issues. (The PiPress went from two health-industry reporters to one to create the beat.) Melo will be working closely with Dave Orrick, who prowls the Capital City for stories like colossal agency-crippling lawsuits.

Melo had the Dakota County courts beat; that went to Maricella Miranda, who covered education in the same county. So the Dakota County education job is the one that’s open at the moment. Stay tuned to see if that’s the one a new news-sider fills.

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