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The Sid Hartman statue -- revealed!

In March, I mused about the coming Sid Hartman bronze slated for erection outside Target Center. As you may remember, some of downtown's big cigars commissioned sculptor Nicholas Legeros to immortalize Sid. Barring a freakout at the Aug. 18 Minneapolis Arts Commission meeting, you'll be seeing an extremely stiff, extremely tan columnist in your midst soon.

So you want to see what it looks like?

Legeros was nice enough to send me the photos below. Putting aside all those times Sid called me "Mr. Negative," I have to say the likeness is mighty fine — far better than the eerie Kirby Puckett sculpture a baseball's throw away.

First, the studio shot:

Sid, in situ:

And the truly scary one, Sid ruling over the Little Sids:

By the way, Legeros says the final sculpture will have a 5-foot diameter granite base with the inscription, "Sid Hartman: A Close Personal Friend and True Minnesota Sports Legend."

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Comments (6)

David, that was my first thought too! It looks much more like Sid than any of the other sculptures look like the players. Now if we can just rig it to say "Here's today's sports hero" when you walk by it.......

I like the statue. In a sense Sid welcomed me to Minnesota in 1978. His writing very much reminded me of Si Burick of the Dayton Daily News who was inducted into the writers section of the Baseball Hall of Fame for his coverage of the Cincinnati Reds. Sid reminded me of home.

But my question is: How do we get a little Sid?

Does Sid still hate Title IX?

I'm impressed -- it really does look like Sid. Is it just me, or does that mic look like a lollipop?

Why would he call you "Mr. Negative"? Did you formerly cover sports?

What a wonderful statue! Maybe the Strib could help commemorate this event with a "throwback" Sunday sports section printed on peach paper, the way many of us grew up reading Sid. (great advertising opportunity for the Strib.)