Dale Kurschner replaces Jay Novak as Twin Cities Business editor

Twin Cities Business has named former Profits Journal publisher and Business Journal managing editor Dale Kurshner to replace longtime editor Jay Novak. Novak is also publisher; Shelly Elmore, now associate publisher, takes that top job.

I remember Kurschner as a dogged reporter in his Journal days (we worked for the same ownership when I was at the Twin Cities Reader) and a dogged entrepreneur at Profits Journal, an entrepreneur-focused magazine that succumbed to the dot-com bust in the early 2000s.

MSP Communications boss Gary Johnson says Kurschner’s entrepreneurial spirit and journalism chops are a rare combination; I say it will be fun to see what Dale can do with a bigger bankroll.

That said, TCB defines itself as the “an ally of Minnesota business, providing editorial that supports the development of successful entrepreneurial and corporate enterprises in Minnesota,” so I don’t know that we’ll see head-rolling investigations. Kurschner has filled the ally role, too, working in corporate communications for Lawson Software and United Health’s OptumHealth subsidiary.

Update: Just got off the phone with Novak, who told me he’ll not only be working with a local hedge fund, but helping a for-profit effort building schools in India. He’ll also likely write a column for the magazine. He also told me he’s a new MinnPost board member (since July) so here’s your conflict-of-interest alert.

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