Pioneer Press fantasy front page punches Vikings bruise

It’s a wee bit risky when a newspaper puts a fake picture and headline on the front page. But Pioneer Press designers came up with a cover that — for Vikings fans — is mesmerizing in a sickening way: Brett Favre holding the Super Bowl trophy.

The headline: “CHAMPS: Magical season ends as Favre leads Vikings to first Super Bowl victory.”

Who approved this knife-twisting? A Packers fan?

All kidding aside, there are ample disclaimers and it’s a very clever way to suck Vikes-mad Minnesota into today’s season opener — even if most experts feel the PiPress won’t get a chance to use the cover for real come February.

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  1. Submitted by Chris Steller on 09/09/2010 - 06:26 am.

    They’ve done it before:

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